Amplitude Studios
Based in Paris, France


PC & Mac

4x Strategy

£26.99 // €29.99 (Classic Pack)


Release date:
18 September 2014 (PC & Mac)

About Endless Legend

Endless Legend is a turn-based 4x fantasy strategy game that takes place on the planet Auriga, a once-beautiful planet destroyed in a massive cataclysm. Players build their nations through tactical, military, and political means on randomly generated, hexagonal worlds of varying altitudes with the ultimate goal of developing the most powerful civilization on the planet. Gamers will encounter long harsh seasons, assimilate smaller factions into the mix to increase their chances in war, fight battles with a variety of powerful heroes, and create a robust economy using Dust (money), food, production, science, and more.

About Amplitude Studios

Amplitude Studios is an independent gathering of experienced video game lovers (and developers) with a single goal: create the best strategy games! Based in Paris, the studio boasts an international team that has worked all over the world. Developer credits include franchises such as Battlefield, Rayman, XIII, R.U.S.E., Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Call of Juarez, Might & Magic Heroes, Might & Magic Clash of Heroes, and others. Working closely for years with communities of players to share, discuss or compare ideas, the whole team has the dream of bringing the idea of GAMES2GETHER one step further.


Images & Factsheets

Tempest Expansion - Launch Assets

endless-legend-tempest-keyart endless-legend-tempest-morgawr-city endless-legend-tempest-morgawr-fleet endless-legend-tempest-sea-storm endless-legend-tempest-sea-monster endless-legend-tempest-oceanic-regions endless-legend-tempest-naval-warfare-2 endless-legend-tempest-naval-warfare endless-legend-tempest-morgawr-fleet-2 endless-legend-tempest-morgawr-faction endless-legend-tempest-fomorian-ship endless-legend-tempest-tempest-quests endless-legend-tempest-morgawr-hero

Shifters Expansion - Assets

Endless Legend Shifters - Keyart Allayi-city-large Allayi-battle Concept-Allayi-battle Endless-Legend---Allayi-Faction-Card Concept-Allayi-prayer

Endless Legend Shifters - Allayi Faction Endless Legend Shifters - Allayi Units Endless Legend Shifters - Allayi Village Endless Legend Shifters - Winter Effects Concept-Winter-is-changing Concept-Allayi-lineup


Endless Day and Shifters Expansion - Assets

Endless Legend Shifters - The Seeker Allayi Unit Design endless_day Season_Shifters_concept

Forges of Creation - Assets

Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Keyart Endless Legend - The Lost Tales - Keyart Endless Legend - The Lost Tales - Kazanji Endless Legend - The Lost Tales - Fight Endless Legend - The Lost Tales - Dorgashi Endless Legend - The Lost Tales - Delvers Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Steam Workshop Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Sister of Mercy Hero Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Sister of Mercy Hero Concept Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Scyther Construct  Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Hero Items Endless Legend - Forges of Creation - Ardent Mages Menu Endless Legend - Echoes of Auriga - Keyart Endless Legend - Echoes of Auriga - Bonus Hero Items

Shadows Expansion - Assets

Endless Legend Shadows Keyart Endless Legend Shadows logo noglowEndless-Legend-Shadows---Forgotten-City Endless-Legend-Shadows---Forgotten-Battle Endless-Legend-Shadows---Espionage-Screen Endless Legend Shadows - Forgotten Faction Card The Forgotten City The Forgotten Unit Endless-Legend---The-Forgotten

Guardians expansion - Assets

guardians_2 guardians_3 guardians_1 guardians_legendary_buildings_3 guardians_legendary_buildings_2 guardians_legendary_buildings_1


endless_legend endless_legend2 endless_legend3 Expand Exploit Exterminate endless_legend5 endless_legend8 endless_legend6

The Eye on the Stars - Assets

Endless Legend - Eye on the Stars Endless Legend - Eye on the Stars - Victory Quest Endless Legend - Eye on the Stars - Dorgeshi Minor Faction Endless Legend - Eye on the Stars - Drakken Outgame Scene

Key Art

Endless Legend Keyart


AMPRVB_True-Layers-NewtLogo Endless Legend_black Logo Endless Legend_whiteEndless-Legend-Shadows-logo-noglow

Concept Art

Ardent_Mages Diplomacy Necrophages Vaulters Endless Legend - The Cultists Reign Endless Legend - The Cultists Battle

Faction Cards

Endless Legend - Ardent Mages Faction Card Endless Legend - Broken Lords Faction Card Endless Legend - Cultists of the Eternal End Faction Card Endless Legend - Drakkens Faction Card Endless Legend - Necrophages Faction Card Endless Legend - Roving Clans Faction Card Endless Legend - Vaulters Faction Card Endless Legend - Wild Walkers Faction Card

Dev Team

Maxence-Voleau---Game-Designer Romain-de-Waubert---Creative-Director