Amplitude Studios
Based in Paris, France



4X Strategy


Release date:
2017 (currently in Early Access)

About Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 is a successor to the science-fiction turn-based original released on PC and Mac. Amplitude’s latest title features more turn-based, 4X space-strategy that launches players into the space colonisation age of various civilizations within the Endless universe.

The first Endless Space heralded the beginning of the inter-connected Endless universe, which was expanded in 2014 by the critically acclaimed Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless.

About Amplitude Studios

Amplitude is an independent team of experienced video game lovers (and developers) with a single goal: Create the best strategy games with the players’ help! Based in Paris, the studio boasts an international team that has worked all over the world on major AAA titles. Since Amplitude’s creation in 2011, the studio has released Endless Space, Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend, all critically acclaimed.

A pioneer in its working method, while developing its first game Amplitude launched an open crowdsourced development process called “GAMES2GETHER.” This platform enables the community to participate in the creation of a video game from the early stages of development. Today, this methodology enables the studio to fulfill the expectations of its players while earning international recognition for the quality of its productions. Read more at www.amplitude-studios.com.



United Empire Update

es2_ue_update lore endless-space-2-eusocial-spaceship endless-space-2-marketplace endless-space-2-united-empire-battle-fleet endless-space-2-united-empire-hero endless-space-2-united-empire-main-quest endless-space-2-united-empire-population-overview endless-space-2-united-empire-ship-design endless-space-2-united-empire endless-space-2-zvali-assimilation-quest leadership society amoeba pilgrim zvali-mood

Early Access Launch - Assets

keyart_ea_steam_hd endless-space-2-digital-deluxe-edition es2-explo tech-tree galaxy factions endless-space-2-system-discovery endless-space-2-lumeris-exploration endless-space-2-ground-battle endless-space-2-galactic-senate endless-space-2-curiosities

gamescom 2016 - Screenshots and Art Works

ES2-alpha-battle1 ES2-alpha-trading-view ES2-alpha-system ES2-alpha-ship-design ES2-alpha-senate ES2-alpha-planet ES2-alpha-ground-battle ES2-alpha-galaxy ES2-alpha-diplomacy-view ES2-alpha-battle4 ES2-alpha-battle3 ES2-alpha-battle2

gamescom 2015 - Screenshots & Art Works

Endless-Space-2---Small-Sophon-Ship Endless-Space-2---Sophon-Lab  Endless-Space-2---Academy Endless-Space-2---Large-Cravers-Ship Endless-Space-2---Large-Sophon-Ship Endless-Space-2---Medium-Cravers-Ship Endless-Space-2---Medium-Sophon-Ship Endless-Space-2---Small-Cravers-Ship Endless Space 2 - Population - Election Results Endless Space 2 - Population - Elections Endless Space 2 - Population - Government Endless Space 2 - Battle - Plays Endless Space 2 - Battle - Sophon Fleet Endless Space 2 - Battle - Sophon vs Cravers Endless Space 2 - Exploration - Probes Endless Space 2 - Exploration - Sophon System Endless Space 2 - Exploration - System View Endless Space 2 - Exploration - Uncolonized System


Announcement Screenshots & Art Works

Endless_Space_2_Academy Endless_Space_2_Amplified_Reality Endless_Space_2_Discovery Endless_Space_2_Hero_Unlock Endless_Space_2_Logo_Art



Dev Team

Romain-de-Waubert-Creative-Director Maxence-Voleau-Game-Designer