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First Person Shooter / Strategy

English, French, German, Spanish
Czech, Polish, Russian

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Currently in Beta
Release Date TBA

About Heroes & Generals

Heroes & Generals is a free-to-play Massively Online FPS with a strategic multiplayer campaign, set in the midst of World War II Europe, where the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union all fight each other for control. Player can choose to play as ‘Heroes’, fighting in varied roles as soldiers or commanding planes, tanks and other vehicles, or take control of the war as ‘Generals’ determining strategic direction and managing battlefield assets, army units and reinforcements. The game merges first-person shooter action with a rich strategic layer where player decisions can turn the tide in an ongoing war among thousands of online players. Currently in open beta, Heroes & Generals has over four million players and is available for PC on Steam where the game is consistently featured in the top 10 of free-to-play games on this platform.

About Reto-Moto

Danish studio Reto-Moto was founded in 1997 and quickly transformed into IO Interactive, which went on to release Hitman and Freedom Fighters. After the sale of IO Interactive to Eidos in 2004 the original Reto-Moto was reformed and based in central Copenhagen. The studio’s inaugural game, Heroes & Generals, has been released for the PC on Steam and is currently in open beta.



Utz Update Assets

Forward_Airfield_East_Farm_Action Forward_Airfield_Church Forward_Airfield_Main_Overview Forward_Airfield_Yak_Strip Forward_Airfield_Spawn_Menu Forward_Airfield_Night_Battle Forward_Airfield_Minimap Forward_Airfield_Bridge

Soviet Update Assets

HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_SovietFactionIsComing_ HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_3FactionFighting_  HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_New_Rifleman_Uniforms HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_IS-2_1944_gotcha HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_Fall_of_Rome HeroesAndGenerals_TimoshenkoUpdate_SovietFactionIsComing__Nostar

Soviet Update Renders

42WLA BA-64B BT-7 Model 1937 Degtyarev DP 28 GAZ-67 Half_track_M3A1 IS-2 Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 Scoped Mosin-Nagant 1891-30 NR-40 PMK-40 PPD-40 PPSh-41 PTRD 1941 RGD-33 RPG-43 SU-85 T-26 Model 1933 T-34-76 Model 1942 T-34-85 Model 1944 T-38 Model 1937 TM-35 Tokarev SVT-40 Tula Tokarev 33 Vulkan Stalin YAK-9

General Screenshots

HeroesAndGenerals_street_battle heroesandgenerals_screenshot2 heroesandgenerals_screenshot3 heroesandgenerals_screenshot4 heroesandgenerals_screenshot5 heroesandgenerals_screenshot6 bicyclePal heroesandgenerals_screenshot9 heroesandgenerals_screenshot10 handg_screenshot_action_german_tigerattacks  heroesandgenerals_screenshot7 POV_Airfield_Germans-1920px_WatermarkedHandGVeteranMembershipBenefits

Key Art

SovietArt SovietArt_withText   HandG_TigerTigerAttack HandG_BombTank8.5x9.5  


HandG_Logo_BlackOnTransparentBG HandG_Logo_BlackOnWhiteBG HandG_Logo_WhiteOnBlackBG Reto-Moto_Logo


HandG_Civilian_Bicycle HandG_Civilian_Truck HandG_Jagdpanzer_38(t)_Hetzer HandG_Kübelwagen_Typ_82 HandG_M2A2_Light_Tank HandG_M3_Lee HandG_M3A1_Halftrack HandG_M4A1_Sherman HandG_M4A3E8_Sherman HandG_M5A1_Stuart HandG_M8_Greyhound HandG_M18_Hellcat HandG_M24_Chaffee HandG_M26_Pershing HandG_Motorcycle_42WLA HandG_Motorcycle_R75_with_sidecar HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_38(t)_Ausf._E HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_I_Ausf._A HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_II-Ausf._C HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_III_Ausf._J HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_IV_Ausf._H HandG_Panzerkampfwagen_VI_Tiger_II HandG_PzKpfw_VI_Tiger HandG_SdKfz_222 HandG_sdkfz250-3 HandG_StuG_III_Ausf._F HandG_Truck,_1_4-ton,_4x4

Weapons & Equipment

HandG_German_WeaponsAndEquipment HandG_Russian_CapturedWeapons

Press Releases

Companion App

Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command gives you a realtime overview of the war and lets you control your assault team from your smartphone or tablet. You can see Battlefields, Supply Lines and Assault Teams in realtime, and with the built in chat-client you can stay in touch with your brothers in arms 24/7 from virtually anywhere.

The free companion app Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command is now available for iOS and Android devices.