London, United Kingdom

PC, Mac, Xbox One, Tablets, and Smartphones

App Type:
Retro Gaming Platform

Release date:
Q1 2019


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About Antstream

Based in London, Antstream is an innovative company whose mission is to bring back retro gaming to the world. Using the latest cloud computing technologies, Antstream allows players from all around the world to play games with a click of a button. There is no download, there is no install process, you just click-and-play, the same way you would watch a movie on Netflix, or play a song on Spotify.

The platform is currently at its Alpha stage and is scheduled to be open to the public Q1 2019, with hundreds of games playable from the get go, on PC, MAc, Xbox One, Tablets, and Smartphones.




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Steve Cottam, CEO

Ian Livingston CBE, Chairman

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