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About Startrail Destiny

Startrail Destiny sees players take command of different types of spaceships, from nimble fighters to massive battlecruisers, and fight it out against in 5v5 teams in a fight for precious resources and the survival of humankind. Players’ crafts can be customised with hundreds of different modules, from rapid-fire turrets to advanced defensive shields. In Startrail Destiny, the discovery of the Startrail changed everything, allowing giant motherships to travel the galaxy instantaneously and colonise rich, new planets. However, conflict was never far away, and players find themselves locked in a desperate struggle to be the first to discover the end of the Startrail.






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Travian Games

Travian Games GmbH, based in Munich, is a world-renowned self-publishing developer of online games. The company offers its customers complex and multi-layered worlds of experience that are distinguished by their gaming depth, guaranteeing long-lasting gaming enjoyment for the players. A motivated team develops and markets online entertainment for all age groups. Currently, Travian Games offers the following games: Crowfall, goalunited LEGENDS, Hyperdrome, Miramagia, Rail Nation, Shroud of the Avatar, Travian: Legends, Travian Kingdoms and UnitedGP. They are translated into up to 39 languages and can therefore be enjoyed by fans of long-lasting gaming entertainment all around the world.

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northworks Software

northworks Software GmbH is a Hamburg-based subsidiary of Travian Games GmbH and has developed goalunited Legends, UnitedGP and the upcoming mobile game Hyperdrome.