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Release date:
Originally: 24 March 2020
PSVR2 and PS5: 27 September 2023

About Paper Beast

Originally released in 2020, Paper Beast captivated players with its surreal ecosystem born from the depths of big data, brimming with endearing origami-like creatures shaped by wild AIs. This mesmerizing adventure fully leverages the capabilities of the PSVR2 and PS5, offering enhanced features and improved immersion.

The original game was praised for its innovative gameplay, unique aesthetics, and extraordinary universe. Navigating this world requires solving puzzles by manipulating the environment. Paper Beast received several awards and nominations, including the Best VR Experience at the Pixel Awards Europe 2020 and the Best Game Universe at the Pégases 2021.

With its environmental storytelling, Paper Beast conveys its narrative through exploration, creating deep bonds between the player, the virtual world, and the creatures inhabiting it. This uncharted land will reveal harsh environments; cooperation between animals and the player will be at the heart of the adventure, punctuated by dangerous entities and breathtaking landscapes.



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About Pixel Reef

Founded by renowned game designer Eric Chahi (Another World, Heart of Darkness, From Dust), Pixel Reef aims to create immersive indie games with a poetic touch. The independent studio sees itself as an atoll, a happy place ripe for creative exploration.