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Exploration Simulation Game


Release date:
Q1 2010

About Paper Beast

From the creative mind of renowned game designer Eric Chahi (Another World, Heart of Darkness, From Dust) comes Paper Beast, a playful exploration game of big data and vibrant wildlife.

Paper Beast will see player-explorers discover an ecosystem born out of lost code and forgotten algorithms. They will interact with ever-evolving environments and will form delicate bonds with emotionally stirring creatures. Following an unspoken narrative, players will interact with fascinating wildlife that adapts its behaviour to the player’s actions. Paper Beast is a poetic fusion of VR technology and immersive gameplay experiences, with a deep simulation system at its core.

Paper Beast is set for a release later in 2019 on PlayStation VR. Paper Beast is the first creation of Eric’s independent studio Pixel Reef, based in Montpellier, France.



Teaser Video - July 2019 - Screenshots

Teaser Video - July 2019 - GIF’s


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About Pixel Reef

Founded by renowned game designer Eric Chahi (Another World, Heart of Darkness, From Dust), Pixel Reef aims to create immersive indie games with a poetic touch. The independent studio sees itself as an atoll, a happy place ripe for creative exploration. Bringing years of experience, Eric and his team are currently working on Paper Beast, a visually stunning game of exploration set to be released on PlayStation VR in 2019. 

More details can be found on the Pixel Reef website: