Shiro Games
Bordeaux, France

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Real-Time Strategy

Release date:

Steam – March 7th, 2018
Nintendo Switch – 26th September 2019
PlayStation 4 – 3rd October 2019
Xbox One – 4th October 2019

About Northgard

Northgard is a strategy game deeply ingrained with Norse mythology. In this Viking strategy game, brave explorers have discovered a new world filled with mystery and danger, where players are tasked to help them survive and thrive in a hostile land. They will face mystical creatures like dire wolves and undead warriors roaming the land, giants that they can befriend or defeat, and winters so harsh even the boldest Vikings will shiver! To conquer the new world and become its master, the explorers have different strategies to lead their clan to greatness: explore, trade, or defeat your enemies in battle.

Northgard was released on Steam Early Access on February 22nd, 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular strategy games on the platform, selling over 3 million copies. The game officially launched out of Early Access on March 7th, 2018, and was one of the highest-rated PC games to be released in the year, with a Metascore of 80.



The Cross of Vidar screenshots

Clan of the Eagles screenshots

Clan of the Rat - Gifs

Clan of the Squirel - gif and images

Clan of the Lynx - Screenshots

Clan of the Lynx gif & artwork

The Map Editor - Gif & Art

Clan of the Ox - GIF


Clan of the Ox

Northgard: Conquest - Art & Logo

Northgard: Conquest - Screenshots

Northgard: Conquest - GIF

Northgard on Console Launch

Console Reveal - Screenshots

Console Reveal - Keyart

Console Reveal - GIF

Clan of the Kraken

Northgard Uncharted Lands - Art & Logo

Clan of the Horse GIF’s


Clan of the Horse

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Northgard: Relics

Winter Festival Update


Clan of the Dragon Update



Ragnarok Update

Clan of the Snake Update

Official launch

Release date announcement

Clan of the Boar Update



Clan of the Boar Update - GIF’s



October 2017 (0.3) Update

Campaign mode

Clan of the Bear Update


Multiplayer Update

Clan of the Raven Update

Release Date Announcement Assets


Announcement Assets


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The Team


Northgard Logo


About Shiro Games

Shiro Games is an independent Bordeaux-based studio founded by video game veterans, with the objective of offering rich and innovative game experiences.
After the commercial and critical success of Evoland and Northgard, the studio has enriched its offer with two new games, Wartales and Dune: Spice Wars and is already working on other unannounced projects.
For more information, visit or