Accidental Queens
Tourcoing, France

Plug in Digital

Steam (PC, Mac & Linux)

narrative adventure


Release date:
26 January 2016

About A Normal Lost Phone

Touching on topics including coming of age, homophobia, depression and peer pressure, A Normal Lost Phone is a game deeply rooted in reality. In this narrative mystery game, the players need to discover what happened to Sam, the owner of a phone they just found. Digging for pieces of information scattered among apps, text messages and photo galleries, their investigation will allow them to uncover the mystery surrounding Sam. The game was originally prototyped during Global Game Jam 2016.

About Accidental Queens

Accidental Queens is a video game development studio founded by three women from the games industry and based in Tourcoing, France with a drive to create new kinds of game experiences. After the success of the prototype of A Normal Lost Phone at Global Game Jam 2016, Accidental Queens and two external collaborators have been hard at work to deliver the full version of the project scheduled for a January 2017 release on Steam, iOS and Android platforms. The studio seeks to create games that feature never before seen mechanics, exploring topics from everyday life and social questions, through innovative narrative tools.

About Plug in Digital

Plug In Digital Label makes the most out of independent video game studios and creators by supporting them, ensuring excellent promotion and distribution of their games, while leaving them great creative freedom. Initially on the international PC and console market, Plug In Digital Label is opening up to premium mobile games with Dead in Bermuda, SwapTales: Léon! and A Normal Lost Phone.



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Awards & Recognition

based on Game Jam Version

  • “Best Indie Game” Game Connection Europe 2016 Development Awards
  • “Third Place” Big Indie Pitch of Berlin, April 2016
  • “Prize for originality” Evry Game City 2016
  • “Finalist” YOUROPE Game Challenge 2016
  • “Nominated for Best Mobile Game, Most Promising IP and Best Casual Game” Game Connection Europe 2016 Development Awards
  • “Nominated” Indie Games Play 2016
  • “Nominated for the Audience Award” A MAZE. Independent Games Festival 2016
  • “Nominated for the Most Amazing Game Award” A MAZE. Independent Games Festival 2016


based on Game Jam Version

  • “[…] the concept, coupled with the convincing recreation of a mobile operating system, really won everyone over […] ”
    – James Gilmour,
  • “It shares some of the feeling of Her Story, albeit featuring today’s technology and with less of a focus on the crime angle. But it has the same small moments of revelation, all of which come together to form a story in its own neat yet meandering way.”
    – Brendan Caldwell,

Development History

A Normal Lost Phone started its life as a game jam title in Game Jam 2016, where it was very well received. After that the development team Accidental Queens launched a crowdfunding campaign that was successfully funded, raising over €11.000 for making a full version of the game. A Normal Lost Phone is set to release in early 2017.