Mi’pu’mi Games
Vienna, Austria

PC / Mac / Linux / Nintendo Switch / iOS / Android

Narrative adventure

English, French, German
Italian, Spanish, Russian


Release dates Steam:
7 July 2016 (Episode 1)
21 November 2016 (Episode 2)
16 March 2017 (Episode 3)
13 July 2017 (Episode 4)

Release date iOS, Android, Mac:
13 July 2017 (Episode 1-4 Bundle)

Release date Nintendo Switch:
10 July 2018 (Episode 1-4 Bundle)

About The Lion’s Song

The Lion’s Song is a series of self-contained point & click stories connected into an overarching narrative, where player choices will affect the way in which the story unfolds. Set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria, every chapter follows a different character, each blessed with an exceptional creative mind. The game pulls players into a story of personal struggle for creativity, human connections and inspiration. Originally created as a Ludum Dare project in 2014, The Lion’s Song features a striking art direction and a unique setting. Four easily accessible episodes are produced for PC/Steam, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch. To find out more about The Lion’s Song, please visit

About Mi’pu’mi Games

Mi’pu’mi Games is a Vienna-based independent game development company run by veteran developers with 10+ years industry experience at Rockstar and Ubisoft. The small specialist team collaborates with established AAA productions including the Hitman franchise and Anno. Now Mi’pu’mi is working on its first independent title: The Lion’s Song, an episodic adventure game set in early 20th Austria. To find out more about Mi’pu’mi go to

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Episode 4 assets

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Episode 2: Anthology - Assets

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Episode 1: Silence - Assets


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Ludum Dare (Game Jam) Assets

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Making of

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Team pictures

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