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PC (Steam), Xbox Series, PS5

Starship Adventure Sim


Release date:
PC, August 21, 2023. Xbox Series, and PS5 on a later date

About Jumplight Odyssey

Jumplight Odyssey is a Spaceship adventure sim inspired by genre staples and classic 70s sci-fi anime set to be released on PC via Steam Early Access on August 21, 2023. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are planned following Early Access.

  • Take the helm of a Jumplight Starship as it flees its destroyed homeworld and lead your people to their salvation, the fabled Forever Star. Chart a course forward, jump to mysterious new systems, recruit crew members, and build out the ship’s interior while avoiding space pirate attacks, black holes, and the relentless pursuit of Admiral Voltan and the warmongering Zutopans in a spaceship adventure sim inspired by genre staples and classic 70s sci-fi anime.
  • Keep an eye on the starship’s evergrowing crew from an Incredible Cross Sections-inspired viewpoint, managing their needs to ensure Hope remains high. Observe deep social interactions as quirky crew members interact with their friends, lovers, and rivals on a daily basis. Witness meaningful, emergent moments as relationships develop, tragedies strike, and danger awaits on a starship stacked with stories.
  • Manage the chaos across multiple decks, which can be outfitted with utilities, luxuries, defenses, and resource production chains. Create corridors to design optimal resource chains and build hot tubs to destress and generate camaraderie among crewmates. Build greenrooms onboard to farm needed supplies, and react to threats as electrical storms strike, fires rage, and hull breaches send a crew member or two into the furthest reaches of space.
  • Make your escape to the Forever Star by jumping to new systems full of different biomes with unique challenges and resources to harvest. Assign crew members to away missions to survey for resources, send out resource extraction or salvage missions to restock your supplies, and rescue all manner of surprising survivors! Prepare for encounters with aliens, combat against devious space pirates, and showdowns against the Zutopans pursuing the ship’s course toward the Forever Star.
  • Each interaction and decision plays into the crew’s ultimate success, but failure isn’t the end. Designed around multiple runs, Jumplight Odyssey encourages captains to learn lessons from previous shortcomings. Retool the ship’s layout, prepare for dramatic moments, and race toward the Forever Star once more. Do whatever it takes to keep Hope alive. Rescue civilians on different star clusters, and make Promises to rally the ship’s population. But be careful, because every broken Promise runs the risk of dwindling Hope and creating a mutinous, broken crew.

Early Access Features

  • Jumplight Odyssey’s Early Access offers a first glimpse into this ambitious colony sim, kickstarting Princess Euphora’s epic escape across the galaxy. Manage resources, define your leadership style, and make critical decisions as captain in order to keep Hope alive aboard the SDF Catalina. Players can customize and upgrade the various decks of the Catalina, experimenting with different layouts in a mode of navigation brand new to the genre and inspired by the Incredible Cross-Sections series of books.
  • Early Access also offers players the ability to create their own Odysseys, allowing fearless captains to run playthroughs time and time again, defining core aspects such as playstyle starting resources, ship state, crew, and length. Players can even define their playstyle, including a Chill mode, Jumplight Odyssey’s cozy game experience, where the Zutopan Armada will never pursue you, or Hectic, where their pursuit is relentless and ruthless.