18-19 November 2016

Paris, France

National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts

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About IndieCade Europe

IndieCade Europe is a two-day celebration of independent games and their creators, with talks, panels, workshops, exhibits, an award ceremony and, of course, games to experience. The line-up is curated by IndieCade’s diverse and brilliant community of designers, thinkers and players.

The titles involved offer a wealth of innovative and fresh game experiences, celebrating the diversity and variety of gaming culture from around the world. This includes over 900 IndieCade submissions from all over Europe and beyond – featuring games from Palestine, India, Australia and many more. Over the past two years, IndieCade shows in the US have put an early spotlight on games such as Her Story, Hyperlight Drifter, Axiom Verge, Armello, Nidhogg and Shovel Knight.




Old Man’s Journey

A slow-paced puzzle adventure in which players shape the landscape to guide an old man on his last big journey through a gorgeously illustrated world to find reconciliation with his family.

by Broken Rules (Austria)

Liyla the Shadows of War

A game based on real events, told from the perspective of a little girl living in Gaza during the war in 2014. In this mobile title players will help her and her family flee their home and make life-altering decisions as they fight for their lives amidst the chaos of war.

by Rasheed Abueideh (Palestine, Jordan and UAE)


Black The Fall

An atmospheric 2.5D adventure game set in a communist dystopian era. Playing as Black, an obedient factory worker, players get one chance to outsmart the oppressive system, but the road to freedom is paved with puzzles, pitfalls and manipulation.

by Sand Sailor Studio (Romania)

Killing Time at Lightspeed

Told through interactions with virtual friends on a futuristic social network, Killing Time at Lightspeed is an innovate science fiction story about technology, travel, friendship and the future of society.

by Gritfish (Australia)

Some further shown titles

Keynote Speakers


IndieCade Europe Festival Awards


Audience Choice


Hacktag by Piece of Cake Studios

Media Choice

Old Man’s Journey by Broken Rules


Developer Choice

Shrug Island by Tiny Red Camel

Special Jury Choice

event [0] by Ocelot Society


Venue - National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts

IndieCade Europe takes place  in the ancient halls of the prestigious National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in Paris, France.

National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (CNAM)
292 Rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris, France


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