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Space Combat Game

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Release date:
Currently Early Access
Full Free to play release 2016

About Fractured Space

Fractured Space is a team-based space combat game fought in gigantic capital ships with the intensity of a shooter and the big-picture-thinking of a strategy game. Originally launched on Steam Early Access in November 2014 to critical and commercial success, Fractured Space has attracted over 500,000 users as the game continuously evolves using an open development model where the community is encouraged to talk directly to the development team, highly influencing the development of the final game. Fractured Space is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access and is set for a wider free-to-play release in 2016.

About Edge Case Games

Guildford-based Edge Case Games, formed from the team behind Strike Suit Zero, have brought their knowledge and passion for space to the new studio. With Fractured Space, the team is looking to up the scale and scope of what was achieved with Strike Suit Zero considerably, whilst shifting gears and moving to an open development philosophy



Assets May 2016

Fractured_Space_KeyArt_1080 TDS_Azrael_Reaper_Brawler_1080 TDS_Azrael_Reaper_1080 TDS_Leviathan_Frontline_1080 TDS_Enceladus_Pack_1080 USR_Destroyer_Jump_P2_1080 Zarek_Infiltrator_USR_Displacer_1080 Zarek_Fleet_Camo_1080 Zarek_Superlifter_1080 TDS_Interceptor_1080 USR_Destroyer_P2_1080 USR_Destroyer_1080

Key Artworks

Factured-Space-Key_Art_Plain Factured-Space-Key_Art_Portrait

Crew Artworks

Cornelius Baptise_main Dice Caplan_main Elvy Cooper_main Samuel Mosley_main Goss Reznik_main Gregori Durov_main IX-209_main Nessa Mulligan_main

Ship Concepts

paintupexp  Infiltrator_v1_final



FS_logo_Blue Fractured-Space-Icon-Black-FIN Fractured-Space-Logo-White-FINEdgeCase_White_on_trans  Titan Defence System United Space Research Zarek Industrial RU