Pathea Games

Microsoft Windows

Indie, Non-linear Puzzle


Release date:
Aug.13,2020 (Steam)

About Ever Forward

  • Ever Forward tells the story of Maya, a little girl lost in a strange world between reality and her imagination. The story will challenge players to observe the environment and use their skills and intelligence to solve puzzles and discover Maya’s dark past and the dark secrets buried in it.Ever Forward captures the essence of titles like Journey and Portal and blends them with its own mysterious universe and thought-provoking gameplay. The game has been in development for the last three years and will be coming later this year to consoles as well. 
  • Ever Forward key facts:

    • A place between reality and imagination: Travel across different worlds and phases to understand what is going on and discover different personalities. Transition through two different dream-like states, the waking world and the deep unconsciousness of the puzzle world.
    • Two art moods: Colour palettes of soothing pastels and electric-future tones oppose themselves, designed to simulate the absurd nature of the dream world.
    • Puzzles for trained minds: Challenge yourself with the puzzles and use your logic and creativity to solve them. There are always several ways of completing the different challenges.
    • Portal and Gravity: Travel between places with the portals and play with gravity in order to progress and make your way in Maya’s consciousness. 








Ikimasho, which means “let’s go” in Japanese, was founded in Paris in 2018 by two friends and entertainment veterans. The studio is comprised of an exceptional team of 15 (40% women) that encompasses the full range of game development experiences needed to shape the future of VR games: movement-centric design, a focus on FTUE and juiciness, expertise in UI and UX and an unwavering commitment to quality. Easy to learn and hard to master, all Ikimasho games strive to empower players to become beneficial forces for the society of tomorrow. Ikimasho’s debut game, Star Shaman, launches soon. For more information on Ikimasho and Star Shaman, visit