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About Darewise Entertainment

Based in Paris, Darewise Entertainment is a studio comprised of AAA industry leaders, crafting immense multiplayer worlds that combine disruptive technologies with mind-blowing art and innovative gameplay.

A forward-looking game development studio with its focus firmly on pushing the boundaries of online experiences, Darewise is forging fresh IP that challenges genre conventions and goes beyond expected norms, exploring all-new spaces in dynamic virtual worlds. To achieve this, the studio is working with trusted collaborators to realise shared grand ambitions.

In February 2018, Darewise Entertainment confirmed a technology partnership with London-based company Improbable, to use the latter’s SpatialOS development platform for a new game project.

In March 2018, Darewise revealed the first details of a new sci-fi MMO, codenamed Project C, to be creatively spearheaded by Viktor Antonov, supported by a wealth of AAA talent with experience across franchises including Halo, Call of Duty and DOOM.

Led by former Assassin’s Creed director Benjamin Charbit, the studio’s highly experienced core team comprises some of the games industry’s finest, including  Half-Life 2 and Dishonored visual design director Viktor Antonov. Darewise is working on several exciting projects in 2018, foremost amongst them Project C, while continuing to develop the Martian survival game Rokh.

Find Darewise Entertainment online at the studio’s official website, and follow the company on Twitter for the latest game announcements and career opportunities.

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