What is Crowfall?

Crowfall is the only online Throne War game. You can win. Players can Conquer and Build New Worlds as they join with friends in Player-vs-Player Throne Wars to earn glory, amass wealth and wield power!

Why Play Crowfall?

In Crowfall Throne Wars – you win or die!

Each campaign world ‘Throne War’ is unique; no two are ever the same. Players fight against time, the strategy and skill of their enemies, the depletion of critical resources and ultimately the destruction of the world.

Players who enjoy online massively-multiplayer games will face a win or lose proposition that gives Crowfall an edge with a level of intensity most MMO games are lacking.

What can you do in Crowfall?

> Form alliances to conquer and build new worlds.
> Each World is Unique and it ends; no two are ever the same.
> Reap the glory in PVP battles and claim the spoils of war.
> Become a Crow – an undying champion of the Gods!
> Your actions change your character and the world. Forever.
> Craft, trade and build Eternal Kingdoms with thriving cities & markets

What is coming next for Crowfall?

Our next major milestone is the completion of the First Campaign. Once the core of the game is complete and fun to play we will transition into Alpha.

How do you play Crowfall?

Crowfall is currently in ‘Pre-Alpha’ and we have a lot of our key systems live. We keep adding to those systems and refining the moment-to-moment gameplay based on player feedback so you can play right now if you acknowledge that not every UI and feature is complete.

Crowfall is a pay once, play forever MMORPG game, available on PC. Several starter packages beginning at 49.99 Euro are available on Crowfall.com. The game is developed by ArtCraft Entertainment and published in Europe, MENA and Brazil by Travian Games.