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Release date:
Q1 2020 – Open Alpha

About Core

Core makes game design radically accessible, allows people to collaborate and remix shared content, and makes publishing games possible in a matter of seconds. The result is an endless universe of multiplayer games to play and worlds to explore. From first-time game makers to experienced developers, Manticore invites everyone to help redefine game creation, distribution, and play by joining at

Core’s mission is to empower and discover a new generation of creators and give them the tools to learn, experiment, and create new forms of entertainment. The Core platform combines radical accessibility with the power of Unreal Engine to give creators a fast, easy way to make and publish high-quality online multiplayer games.

Core is available on PC.



Sept 2020 screenshots

D&D Contest - Winners

D&D Contest

Monetization - Screenshots

Into the looking glass - American McGee and Core Art contest

Open Alpha - Screenshots

Open Alpha - GIF

Open Alpha - Logos


About Manticore Games

Located in San Mateo, Calif., Manticore Games™ is the developer and operator of Core™, a platform and community for players and creators. Manticore Games was established by industry veterans from Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Respawn, Xfire, Roblox, Trion Worlds, Crystal Dynamics and Zynga. The company has received backing from Benchmark Capital, Correlation Ventures, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, M Ventures, Tuesday Capital, SV Angel, Arrive (a Roc Nation company), and Sapphire Sport.

More details can be found on the Manticore Games website: