Guildford-based Absolutely Games is born under the “joy of games development” motto

GUILDFORD, UK. – June 23rd 2020. Games industry veteran James Brooksby has today announced the launch of the new games studio, Absolutely Games. The studio, located in Guildford, was born with the goal of making great games with a “no BS, no politics” focus-on-the-game mentality, where passion, excellence and good people drive the joy of the creative and development process. The initial funding round for the company was led by Chris Kingsley OBE of Rebellion and joined by Cedric Littardi of Anime Virtual. 

James Brooksby is a British games industry veteran, working since 1995 on numerous games. More recently founder of Born Ready and Edge Case Games, the developer/publishers behind critically-acclaimed Strike Suit Zero and Fractured Space, respectively. Edge Case Games was acquired by Wargaming in November 2018 and Brooksby held the Studio Director role for Wargaming UK, before departing to found his new venture, Absolutely Games. 

Absolutely Games’s first project will be a premium strategy game which the team is aiming to release during 2021. In the meantime, the studio currently has 7 employees and is aiming to grow to become a strong name within the Guildford games hub in the UK. 

Being back running a new studio with a great and growing future ahead is extremely exciting. We have already made excellent progress with our first game and the new team is really working well together. It has been somewhat of a challenge setting up a new venture due to recent global events, however each challenge has been surmountable and the team and partners have been great in solving each problem. The culture and values of the new studio are very important to me – we will be making smart choices and excellent games, however there must be a focus on those games and their players, no nonsense around the edges. It will be a studio that is staffed by good, honourable, reliable people who love what they do – all building a real family spirit. As well as our first game, we are already talking with partners about some pretty cool parallel projects, which will help us grow to become another Guildford success story.” said James Brooksby

Chris Kingsley also said: “Experience and passion are key when it comes to the creative business of making video games. So when the opportunity arose to invest in James and his team at Absolutely Games, it was an easy decision for me, even in the current unique times. I have great faith in James’s abilities; he has a keen eye for games and gameplay, understands the detail of running a games company, and has a wealth of industry contacts. I am excited to be an investor in a new studio in such a vibrant hub that is Guildford.

Cedric Littardi added: “Since I have met with James around the production of Strike Suit Zero, it has been a pleasure to work with him. He is a great manager with an optimistic view on the world, great strategic visions and more importantly the great respect of everyone around him. It is a pleasure and an honor for me to keep on collaborating with him over his various projects, which are always awesome.”

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