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Breda, Netherlands

PC (out now)
Xbox One (out now)
PS4, Mac, Linux (later this year)

Narrative First Person Adventure

€9.99 / $9.99 / £ 6.99


About Fragments of Him

Fragments of Him is a narrative-driven first person experience that follows the aftermath of protagonist Will’s sudden death, and how the lives of those close to him are affected by this loss. Players experience memories and snapshots of four lives, including victim Will, his boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, and grandmother. Fragments of Him is available on PC and Xbox One and will be released on PlayStation 4 later this year. Fragments of Him is supported by funding of the Dutch Stimuleringsfonds and Gamefonds.

About SassyBot

SassyBot was formed in 2012 to build unique video game experiences. At the time, all of the current SassyBot members were studying Independent Game Development at the International Game Architecture & Design course in Breda, The Netherlands. Currently, SassyBot is working on their debut title Fragments of Him, which started as a game jam project and available on PC and Xbox One and coming to PlayStation 4 later this year.

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Play the Game Jam Prototype

Elwin and Timo, friends since studying Independent Game Development at the International Game Architecture & Design course in Breda (Netherlands), formed a team with their lecturer Mata for the Ludum Dare 26 game jam. The team spent a weekend working together, creating a prototype called Fragments of Him.

After releasing the prototype and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from players and other game developers who valued the kind of experience they were trying to craft, the team decided to press on and fully realise their vision for Fragments of Him.

The original Fragments of Him prototype can be played here. A timelapse video of its development is available here.


A dark and groundbreaking new video game
– Huffington Post

An astonishing story of love and loss
– Polygon

Finds everday poetry of grief
– Kill Screen

An Affecting Interactive Reflection on Loss
– Vice

Fragments of Him is an interactive narrative journey I can’t wait to take

It doesn’t take much to cue the waterworks these days, but Fragments of Him, where a man tries to move on from a relationship shattered by a fatal car accident, hit home hard. […] I had to walk from my desk.
– Giant Bomb